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The price for our service is up to 50% lower than among other pipe organ builders (technicians).

We Use HQ Materials

We use HIGH QUALITY materials known in pipe organ trade: leather, glues, felt and wood. Company’s standard are coverings made of kangaroo leather.

We Don't Keep Secrets

Renovation works in churches can be carried out with help of parishioners.

We Work Flexible

During renovation, the instrument is still in use- only the repaired part is detached.


Organ Builder Rast acknowledges that every pipe organ is unique.

Passion and respect for the integrity of each instrument and the vision of the original builder is crucial to our work across the United States. Every aspect of our approach, whether it is tuning, maintenance, restoration, rebuilding or new instrument commission is based on knowledge, experience and the inherent musicality that each pipe organ possesses, rather than on imposing a musical style which is not corresponding with the instrument. Instruments under our care are thoroughlyvresearched and understood. Musicality and refinement of sound are predominant and are always carefully considered with respect to the building in which they are housed. Organ Builder Rast is committed to the finest quality of craftsmanship, maintaining a fully equipped workshop and voicing facilities. Our Company holds experience, giving us the ability to maximize the potential of each pipe organ.


Robert Rast, President

Robert has 25 years of experience in the field of organ building. He gained his knowledge while studying at the Pipe Organ Builder School in Ludwigsburg, Germany. After 15–year-career in Siegfried SAUER and Rudolf von BECKERATH Organ Company in Germany, Robert relocated to United States and spent 8 years working with New York Organ Builders.

He established Organ Builder Rast in 2009.



His extensive career has taken him all over Germany and United States, where he has been representing Beckerath Orgelbau (Organ Company), he has played an instrumental role in the restoration and ongoing maintenance of many organs of significance, including the St. Peter and Paul Kirche / Cappel (SCHNITTGER Organ) , Musikhalle Hamburg – Germany; St. Wolfgang Pfarkirche – Austria; Temple Emmanuel New York, NY ,First Presbyterian Church New York, NY ; The Church of the Ascension (Episcopal) New York, NY; Union Church of Pocantico Hills.



Since establishing Organ Builder Rast in 2009, Robert is now able to focus his extensive understanding of the pipe organ upon a sensitive approach to the original and unique qualities of each instrument. This is philosophy that lies at the centre of Organ Builder Rast approach to organ building.


Pipe Organ Tuning And More

Brooklyn 2017-06-11

New Pipe Organ Control System ICS4000

St. Stanislaus Kostka Church Brooklyn,NY 2017-09-01

Tuning, Repair, Restoration 2017

Something NEW

Brooklyn 2017-08-14


Brooklyn, New York 2018-01-01



Our latest projects

St. Rose of Lima Brooklyn,NY

St.Stanislaus Kostka Brooklyn,NY

Our Lady Of Consolation Brooklyn,NY

Holy Rosary Church Jersey City,NJ

New pipe organ control system PETERSON ICS4000

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Recent Concerts

January 9 - Tuesday  12:30 pm. // Sergio Orabona  (Stuttgart, Germany), organ // FREE // 212-838-5123

Central Synagogue
652 Lexington Avenue / 55th Street

January 14  - Sunday 3:00 pm  // Simon Johnson (London, UK) Organ  // $15 (before Sept.1);$25 (after Sept. 1) // 212-288-2520

St. Ignatius Loyola R.C. Church
980 Park Avenue / 84th Street

January 16  -  Tuesday  ?:? pm // David Briggs (Artist-in-Residence) Organ // David performs his celebrated 1998 transcription of Gustav Mahler's Fifth Symphony // $25

Cathedral Church of Saint John the Devine
1047 Amsterdam Avenue / 112th Street

January 23  -  Tuesday 12:30 pm // Student from Curtis Institute of Music (Philadelphia, PA ) Organ // Free // 212-838-5123

Central Synagogue
652 Lexington Avenue / 55th Street


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Pipe organ tuning can takes up to 12 hours in one session and requires two working persons: the tuner and his assistant (the key holder). If you order only Tuner you can save up to 25% of the tuning costs

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